Investing 101


Real Estate Has Proven To Be Popular Among Investors Of All Generations. There Are Many Factors That Lend Support To The Fact That Real Estate Has Always Ranked Among The Top Investment Vehicles:

  • Every living person needs a shelter.
  • Most businesses require commercial space to function.
  • Real estate provides plenty of opportunities for passive income.
  • Real estate has shown overall appreciation that even in the downturn years, the values don’t erode as significantly as do the stock market.
  • Real estate offers significant opportunities for tax sheltering. (For further details, please consult a tax professional)

Now That We Know All The Benefits Of Investing, Where Do We Go From Here? You Need To Consider These 3 Factors:

  • Capital: How much money do you have to invest?
  • Borrowing Capacity: How much money can you borrow?
  • Timeframe: How long do you plan to hold your investments for?

What Kind Of Properties Are Good For Investment? These Properties Would Have At Least 2 Out Of The Following Characteristics:

  • Positive Cash Flow
  • Appreciation Potential
  • Equity

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