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Dedy and Doreen Tando, husband and wife, co-founded Austin 101 Realty in 2012 and have seen it grow exponentially. An engineer by training, he pays attention to detail and enjoys problem-solving. Dedy has been interested in real estate and investments since graduating from college, and took that interest a step further by becoming a full-time realtor during 2003-2005, after which he returned to the engineering field. Back in engineering, he used the opportunities available to him to expand on real estate investing, and loves to share on its benefits with friends and acquaintances. In 2014, Dedy has decided to leave the comforts and stability of a full-time job behind, to continue to pursue his dreams of helping people find their dream home and build wealth through real estate investments.

Hobbies And Interest

When not solving computer problems or checking out on foreclosed properties, Dedy can be found running, swimming, playing with his 3 children, or just hanging out with his pet bunnies.

Interesting Facts About Dedy

A Chinese Indonesian by birth, Dedy speaks three languages fluently (Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and English). He also has a Chinese name: 陳中至, which he rarely uses. Also his name has seen more than its fair share of misspells and mispronunciations.

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